Ijesha Digital Hub

Ijesha Digital Hub

Our mission is clear: empowering young Ijesha people with digital and technological skills, ultimately driving economic empowerment within the community.

Holistic Approach

Wide range of fields such as web and app development, graphic design, data analysis, digital marketing, business management and more.

Modern Facilities

From high-speed internet to advanced software and hardware, we have everything needed to support our students' learning journey.

Network Building

We provide our students with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, potential employers, and mentors.

Start-Up Support

Our goal is to empower young Ijesha people to become job creators, driving economic growth and prosperity within their community.

Join the Digital Hub

Whether you are a fresh graduate, a young professional looking to upskill, or an aspiring entrepreneur, Ijesha Digital Hub is here to help you embark on an exciting journey in the digital world.

Prince Abimbola Olashore

Chairman, Board of Governors, Olashore International School

Prince. Abimbola Olashore is a highly accomplished investment banker and entrepreneur, known for his expertise in the capital market and financial advisory services. With a background in Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, he has played key leadership roles in renowned financial institutions, driving their success in various sectors.

The People Behind Us

Dr. Adewale Obadare

Co-Founder, Digital Encode Limited

Obadare Peter Adewale is a First Generation and Visionary Global Technopreneur. Peter is arguably the most “Credentialed” Global Digital Trust Leader, CyberSecurity Strategist, GRC Thought Leader.

Sir Demola Aladekomo

Chairman, CHAMS Plc

Sir  Aladekomo is a Nigerian entrepreneur, ICT expert, and philanthropist. He is one of the brains behind the success of the first e-payment platform in Nigeria. Additionally, he holds the distinction of founding the first indigenous computer maintenance company in Nigeria.

“We can unlock our youth's potential and pave the way for a brighter future”

Be Part of the Change

Join us in equipping the youth with the necessary tools and knowledge that can unlock their potential and pave the way for a brighter future.


The Ijesha Global Alliance for Development (IGAD) is a coalition of Ijeshas in the Nigeria Homeland and in the Diaspora, united by a common goal of driving sustainable and people-centered development in Ijeshaland.

The primary mission of IGAD is to mobilize the resources and talents of Ijeshas across the globe to foster the social, economic, and industrial development of Ijeshaland.

By joining IGAD, you can actively contribute to the development of Ijeshaland through various avenues such as sharing your expertise, participating in community projects, supporting initiatives, and connecting with other Ijeshas who share the same vision.

Membership in IGAD is open to all Ijeshas, whether residing in Ijeshaland or in the Diaspora, who are passionate about driving positive change and development in Ijeshaland. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions who are committed to the vision of IGAD.

Joining IGAD is simple. Just visit our website and navigate to the “Membership” section. There, you will find a membership form that you can fill out with your details and submit. Once your application is reviewed, you will be officially welcomed as a member of IGAD, ready to contribute to the development of Ijeshaland.

The Ijesha Digital Innovation Hub (Iloko) is a state-of-the-art facility launched by IGAD with the aim of transforming Ijeshaland into a global center of excellence and innovation hub for the Digital Economy and entrepreneurship.

The hub offers a wide range of programs and training in high-demand digital skills such as digital marketing, data analytics, cybersecurity, digital design, entrepreneurship, digital business incubation, and acceleration. We provide both in-person and asynchronous training to cater to the needs of Ijesha youths.

Our Tech Start-ups Incubation program provides a nurturing environment for aspiring tech entrepreneurs. We offer mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities to support start-ups in their early stages. The program aims to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life, scale their ventures, and contribute to the digital transformation of Ijeshaland.

Yes, anyone passionate about digital innovation and entrepreneurship can join the Ijesha Digital Innovation Hub. We welcome individuals who want to acquire digital skills, explore entrepreneurial opportunities, or contribute to the growth of Ijeshaland’s digital ecosystem.

Becoming a member is easy. Visit our website and navigate to the membership section, where you can fill out the membership form with your details. Once your application is reviewed, you will have access to the various programs, training, and resources offered by the Ijesha Digital Innovation Hub.

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